2017 Insights
Insight 1: In 2017, Luxury Watch Website Continue to Grow
Don’t believe everything you read, social media is not replacing the role of the brand website. In fact, it remains an important hub of brand communications. See why 2016 marked a new record in traffic to luxury watch websites.
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Insight 2: China will dethrone the United States in 2017
Uncovered in the latest version of the report is that from a website traffic source market perspective, China has just now reached the level of the US, and within the next months is poised to surpass it.
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Insight 3: More Advertising Spend, But Does Anyone Care?
To be released soon.
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Insight 4: Is Traffic from Social Media Qualified? YES.
To be released soon.
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Insight 5: Email Marketing is Being Grossly Underleveraged
To be released soon.
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