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Historically, the watchmaking industry had little culture of market research. Brands were almost exclusively relying on their network of retailers to gather indirect consumer feedback. The advent of the Internet introduced a new paradigm in the industry.

Why the WorldWatchReport™?

Every day, millions of watch aficionados go online and search for watch-related products. Yet, prior to the WorldWatchReport™, no industry tools or statistics were available which could track the main preferences and current topics to understand the online behavior of the watch clientele.

In 2004, Digital Luxury Group – formerly IC-Agency Geneva – seized the opportunity to develop the first market research entirely based on intentions spontaneously and anonymously expressed by consumers on the Internet.

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Key highlights

  • Global Consumer interest for luxury watches grew +3.3%, led by BRIC markets (+33.0%)
  • China consolidates its leadership position with 1/4 of global demand
  • Swatch Group overperforms luxury conglomerates (All calculations are based on the 62 brands featured in the report)
  • “Haute Horlogerie” and “Watch and Jewelry” categories are growing the fastest
  • Gap between industry leaders Rolex and Omega narrows further


Key highlights

  • China: The number one market for luxury watches
  • Growth of global demand fueled by the East
  • A narrowing gap between Rolex and Omega
  • Seamaster, Submariner and Daytona as undisputed status symbols
  • Consumers less interested by counterfeits


Key highlights

  • Nearly 1 out of 3 searches for luxury watch brands is now performed in the BRIC markets.
  • Longines dethrones Omega as the most popular brand in China, pushing Rolex backwards to the fifth position.
  • Rolex confirms its status of the leading brand in the US, a market where the popularity of Breitling is booming.
  • The top 3 most searched brand ambassadors are as global as the industry: Tiger Woods (TAG Heuer), Aishwarya Rai (Longines) and Jet Li (Hublot) who lead the way
  • 2010 marked the year of Facebook, with more than 1,5 million watch aficionados (+450% year-to-year increase)


Key highlights

  • Global online demand for the 25 watch brands increased by 24.5%.
  • BRIC markets account for 11.8% of the global demand: China is the leading market with 59% of the searches from BRIC markets.
  • Internet demand for counterfeit goods decreased by 22% in the United States, whereas it grew 5.9% across Europe.
  • Facebook becomes a key platform for watch brands, gathering more than 460’000 watch enthusiasts (+286% fans in one year).
  • Watch-related videos posted by fans are now accounting for 43% of brand visibility on Youtube.


Key highlights

  • The United States is the most important market with 42.8% of the total online demand
  • Michael Phelps’ record at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 (8 gold medals) gave Omega the opportunity to present the #1 Ambassador
  • Germany is now the second online European market this year, ahead of Italy
  • American, English and German customers can be qualified as « connoisseur » with 22% of model-specific searches
  • Chinese consumers are very brand oriented, showing moderated interest for model specific searches, reflecting the early emergence of  the luxury watch industry in China.