The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark

The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark is the only site-based insights panel dedicated to luxury watch brands.

For luxury watch brand decision-makers looking to improve the ROI of their digital investments, but see significant advances in drive-to-store results, the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark is the only industry benchmark tool providing actionable data, insights and solutions.

Published since 2005, by DLG, the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark is a one of a kind, reliable and actionable industry insights tool developed to help brands generate measurable results.


How Does it Work
Site-centric data from participating brands is anonymized, aggregated and harmonized to provide an exclusive industry indicator: the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark
How Do I Join ?
If you are one of the 62 pre-selected brands invited, you can join the panel to get the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark (yearly edition).

1. Registration

Register your interest in joining the panel

2. Selection

If selected you will receive a contract that needs to be signed and sent back to officialize your panel entrance, and guarantee your data protection

3. Access

Your website team will need to grant DLG “Read & Analyze” access to your Google Analytics account (

4. Integration

We will then anonymize and normalize the data and add it into the pool of participating panelist data to generate an industry average or ‘benchmark’

5. Report

You will receive the full annual report, free of charge, allowing you to benchmark your performance against competitor brands

The WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark has given us unique insights on our brand digital performance and most importantly on how to improve it

- CEO of an Independent Watch Brand -

We have significantly enhanced our mobile experience following some surprising metrics revealed by the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark…

- Head of Digital & CRM -

More than highlighting problems, the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark has highlighted the direction we need to take and on what we need to improve. Knowing the opportunities has made it easier for me to brief my team and our agencies

- Communication & Marketing Director -

I have been using the WorldWatchReport™ Benchmark data to demonstrate internally how important our social media activity are to drive more people to stores

- Social Media Director -

Join the panel to get the full report
Full report will only be delivered to brands joining the panel
Panel eligibility criteria

> Be part of the WorldWatchReport™ 62 eligible brands

> Sign the contract officially validating your panel entrance and guaranteeing your data protection

> Grant a reader access to your web analytics account

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